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16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot Officerís shako plate circa 1869-78.

A splendid die-stamped rich gilt example on loops. Within a crowned laurel wreath, the Garter; the seeded centre pierced with stencilled numerals "16".

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Scottish. Scots Guards Boer War Victorian Distinguished Conduct Medal Group of Three.

A scarce group awarded to "2008 Pte A. Anderson Scots Gds" who was also Mentioned in Despatches for services in South Africa. Comprising: VR Distinguished Conduct Medal (Pte Scots Gds), Queen's South Africa Medal four clasps "Belmont", "Modder River", "Orange Free State", "Belfast". (Pte Scots Gds), King's South Africa Medal two clasps "South Africa 1901", "South Africa 1902" (Pte Scots Guards) The group remains mounted as originally worn, some contact marks.

The announcement of the DCM appeared in the London Gazette on the 27th September 1901, with his MID a few days before on the 10th September 1901. Private Albert Anderson a collier from Barnsley enlisted into the Scots Guards on the 15th March 1898. He embarked for South Africa on the 20th October 1899 and would remain here until September 1902. His papers confirm the award of the DCM for recognition of his services during operations in South Africa. After returning to the UK he remained with the Regiment until March 1910, serving a total of 12 years with the Colours.

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Nepaul Foot Artillery 19th century Victorian Officerís pouch belt and pouch.

A rare example, the pouch of black patent leather mounted to the centre with a large gilt gun. Below this a tri-part padded velvet scroll, embroidered with the regimental title. The flap is edged with Artillery pattern gold bullion lace. The belt is of gold lace, fitted with Artillery pattern ornate buckle, tip and slide. Bullion slightly dulled. Overall good condition

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Indian Army Light Cavalry Officerís shoulder scales circa 1830.

A fine and scarce pair of ornate silvered examples, the crescent of each decorated with trophies of arms, each plate of the scales with laurel border. Each bearing plain silvered button. Very minor service wear, toned, generally excellent except of reverse iron strengthening plates now rusted.

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Household Cavalry Pattern Trooper's Sword Knot.

A good white buff leather example. GC Minor service wear.

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10th Hussars Officer's Scarlet Field Service Side Cap.

A good scarce Regimental pattern example. Scarlet melton cloth with gld bullion piping, to the welt of the crown and curtain. Complete with Regimental pattern silvered and gilt Prince of Wales plume and buttons. The interior with full cotton lining. Scarlet remains fresh, slight dulling to the bullion.

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Royalty. Royal Standard of HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

A fine scarce official military issue double sided example. (approx 16 x 10 inches)

This pattern would be flown from staff cars, military launches and aircraft when His Royal Highness was onboard.

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Royalty. Royal Standard of Other Members of The Royal Family not entitled to their own standard.

A fine scarce official military issue double sided example. (approx 16 x 10 inches)

This pattern would be flown from staff cars, military launches and aircraft when a Royal Personage was onboard.

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HM Queen Elizabeth II period State Musicianís head-dress.

A good scarce example of the pattern worn on State occasions. Blue velvet covered with horizontal peak to the front. The crown retains vent dome. Full quilted cotton lining. Minor service wear.

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Scottish Rifles (Cameronians) late Victorian / Edwardian Rank and File Shako. shako.

A dark blue cloth example, across the front a plaited mohair cord swag, that terminates with acorn devices. To the front a blackened strung bugle surmounted by a cord boss mounted with a Mullet and black horsehair plume. Horizontal patent leather peak and leather chinstrap. The interior with various stampings and paper label "size by ring Measure" 21 1/2", leather sweatband. Service wear

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