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Georgian Officer’s 1796-1830 Universal Pattern gorget.

Gilt on copper example, the rim of the crescent formed over a wire frame. The centre part engraved with Crowned GR Cypher within a wreath of laurels. Traces of gilt only, minor dent.

In May 1796 new regulations were issued abolishing silver gorgets and introducing the Universal pattern in gilt bearing the Royal Cypher. The gorget was abolished by William IV in August 1830 but permitted to be worn by Officers at home up to Christmas 1831 and up to 1832 by those abroad.

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Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, post 1801 George III Officer’s Gorget.

A good scarce example of the pattern worn at Waterloo by R. Joinstone, 68, St. James's St. Plain copper gilt crescent with distinctive secondary inner line, the centre mounted with the Royal Arms of the period in silver. Lacking leather liner, some gilt loss, Royal Arms with some wear, Unicorn’s horn and tail AF as well as lion’s tail of Royal Crest.

The gorgets of the Grenadier and 3rd Foot Guards were differentiated at this time with decoration in the upper areas. SAHR Journal Special No. 7. Royal Arms altered in 1816.

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Worcester Militia George III hallmarked 1808 silver splendid shoulder belt plate

Fine rectangular example with rounded corners bearing London hallmarks. Obverse mounted with crowned French scroll enclosing Gothic "W". Pair of hooks and studs to reverse. Excellent

See "Badges of the Worcestershire Regiment" Fig 757, by Major Roger Bennett.

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Irish. 8th Armagh Regiment of Militia Georgian Officer's shoulder belt plate Circa 1793-1811

A very fine and exceedingly rare example. Oval gilt mounted with silver crown, gadrooned blue translucent enamel oval bearing "8" with furled pierced scroll "Armagh" below. The mounts secured by intrequetly hand made threads and nuts; brace of hooks and studs to reverse. Minor service wear and slight verdigris to reverse.

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18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot Georgian Officer's shoulder belt plate circa 1800-18.

A splendid rare rich gilt oval example with raised gadrooned rim and mounted with crowned pierced oval strap "Virtutis Namurcencis Praemium"; the rich translucent blue enamel centre bearing Maid of Erin Harp resting on a shamrock. Reverse with single hook and two studs and retaining chamois liner.. Minor chips to the enamel beneath the motto not detracting from its fine appearance.

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31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot William IV / Victorian Officer’s shoulder belt plate circa 1830-47.

A fine and very scarce gilt example. Rectangular plate mounted with silver crowned laurel wreath with “XXXI” to centre. The wreath rests on a tableau of honours “Talavera, Albuhera, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Peninsula” with fasces beneath. Reverse retains original fixings comprising two hooks and two studs. Minor service wear. (Parkyn 264)

Became 1st Bn East Surrey Regiment on Friday 1st July 1881 whilst commanded by Thomas Eaton Swettenham.

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Welsh: 43rd Foot (Monmouthshire) Officer’s pre 1855 shoulder belt plate.

An extremely fine rare example. Rich gilt rectangular plate mounted with silver crowned strung bugle with "43" between the cords. Fixings absent.

Became 1st Battalion Oxfordshire Light Infantry on Friday 1st July 1881.

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85th (King's Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot William IV / early Victorian Officer’s shoulder belt plate circa 1821-40.

A good scarce example. Burnished gilt rectangular plate mounted with crowned silver strap inscribed “The King’s Light Infantry”; to the centre, a silver strung bugle over “85”. Beneath the tail of the Garter, a straight silver scroll inscribed “Peninsula”. Reverse, which bears fleur-de-lis mark, retains original fixings comprising two hooks and two studs. Some service wear, highpoints polished, bugle cords at fault. (Parkyn 413)

The 85th was granted the title “King’s Light Infantry” in April 1821. It served in Malta and at Gibraltar from 1821 to 1832. The 85th served in North America from 1835 to 1842 and was despatched on horse sleighs across heavy snows from New Brunswick to quell disturbances in Quebec in the winter of 1838. After North America the 85th saw service in the West Indies, in Ireland under the command of Lt.Col. Brook John Taylor and Mauritius under Lt.Col. Manley Power. Became 2nd Battalion KSLI on Friday 1st July 1881

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Scottish extremely fine and rare George III Royal Highland Perth Local Militia hallmarked silver oval shoulder belt plate by P Cunningham & Son

A really splendid example. Within an oval silver strap inscribed "Clan Na Gaidheal An Guailibh Cheile." a gilt oval incised with crown over "GIIIR: over a thistle with "ROYAL" / "HIGHLAND" / P,L,M," below. Reverse with single hook and brace of studs and bearing hallmark of Thistle and George III head as well as PC&S maker's mark.
1st, or Highland was raised in 25th September 1808 with headquarters at Kenmore. The 1811 List of the Officers of the Local Militia cite Robert Stuart was Lt. Col. Commandant assisted by Lt. Col. Neill Menzies.

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