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Nepaul Foot Artillery 19th century Victorian Officer’s pouch belt and pouch.

A rare example, the pouch of black patent leather mounted to the centre with a large gilt gun. Below this a tri-part padded velvet scroll, embroidered with the regimental title. The flap is edged with Artillery pattern gold bullion lace. The belt is of gold lace, fitted with Artillery pattern ornate buckle, tip and slide. Bullion slightly dulled. Overall good condition

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Indian Army Light Cavalry Officer’s shoulder scales circa 1830.

A fine and scarce pair of ornate silvered examples, the crescent of each decorated with trophies of arms, each plate of the scales with laurel border. Each bearing plain silvered button. Very minor service wear, toned, generally excellent except of reverse iron strengthening plates now rusted.

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Scottish. Victorian Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Officer’s sporran circa 1881-1901.

A fine scarce example. The gilt cantel is mounted with a silver crowned thistle to the centre with raised designs and to the base three battle Honours “Peninsula” “Egypt” and “Waterloo”. The cantel supports six bells, each of fine twist bullion tassels (one or two minor stitching faults), with gold bullion netting to a rich blue, these are hung by cords of bullion and blue plaits. The body of grey goats hair, with a backing of red Morocco and with chamois leather pocket. Complete with black leather belt. A little dull otherwise fine. Housed its original chamois lined japanned soirage / transit tin.

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2nd Somerset Militia Victorian Officer’s cased coatee epaulettes circa 1842-55..

A splendid pair of the 1830 box pattern epaulettes. The strap of each in silver lace with thin black lines; large silver terrent and complete with bullion tassels and silver regimental button; Underside of each lined in red Morocco leather with padded silk cushion and complete with 1842 Buckmaster patent metal fixing plates. Housed in their crimson velvet lined fitted japanned storage tin complete with carrying handle, hasp and staple.

Raised on 22nd February 1759 at Bath. Became 4th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry on Friday 1st July 1881.

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Queen’s Own Worcestershire Yeomanry Victorian Officer’s Sabretache by Hawkes & Co. No.14 Piccadilly

A fine scare example, the scarlet melton cloth face edged with a wide band of silver lace of regimental pattern. Centrally a padded embroidered Victorian Crown with entwined initials “WYC”. Below this a two part padded scroll embroidered “Queen’s Own”. Complete with leather pocket to the reverse, this bearing tailor’s details of “Hawkes & Co. No.14 Piccadilly”. Also retaining three D rings. Silver bullion somewhat tarnished, scarlet remains fresh.

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1st Northamptonshire Engineer Volunteers rare Victorian Officer’s pouch circa 1867-72.

A fine rare short lived example of black patent leather, the face mounted with silvered crowned strap inscribed “1st Northamptonshire Engr. Volr.” with rampant lion to centre. Pouch retains both belt rings.

Formed at Peterborough in 1867 under the command of Captain L.J. Deacon and attached to 1st Admin. Bn. Northampton Rifle Vols; transferred to 2nd Tower Hamlets Eng. Vol.Corps in 1872.

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8th (King’s Royal Irish) Hussars Victorian Officer’s pouch.

A scarce example of scarlet melton cloth, the flap with gold embroidered Maid of Erin Harp surmounted by Royal Crest mounted onto a large silver wire VR Cypher. The pouch is edged with a gold line and shamrock wreath bearing bi-part scroll "8th King's Royal Irish Hussars" (some lettering now absent). Complete with red leather pocket and gilt metal belt loops. Overall service wear

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Welsh Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Officer's Sabretache Circa 1850.

An outstanding mid 19th Century large example. The flap with a velvet ground embroidered with silver bullion entwined regimental title, surmounted by a Victorian Crown and below a Welsh Dragon. Edged with 2 inch wide silver lace of Regimental pattern. Retaining all three silvered D rings and attachment straps. The reverse with leather pocket and flap. The sabretache is contained in its original velvet lined leather cover, this with early style flat silvered buttons. Width of the flap at the base 12 inches. Bullion slightly dulled, otherwise Near Very Good Condition.

The Montgomeryshire Yeomanry was re-raised in 1831 and in 1851 adopted the full title Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry.

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Lancer Officer's full dress girdle.

Bullion example secured by two olivettes and loop fastenings. Probably worn by a yeomanry. Excellent

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14th (King's) Hussars 1870 hallmarked silver pouch and pouch belt.

The silver pouch mounted with Royal Cypher, reversed and intertwined, superimposed with the regimental eagle. The gold lace belt with matching HM silver buckle, tip and slide; boss being eagle,chains terminating in arrow prickers and guard bearing Royal Crest. Lace slightly dull, minor service wear. Very good condition.

Commanded at this time by Lt.Col. Pearson Scott Thompson

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