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16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot Officer’s shako plate circa 1869-78.

A splendid die-stamped rich gilt example on loops. Within a crowned laurel wreath, the Garter; the seeded centre pierced with stencilled numerals "16".

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Indian Army. Cawnpore Rifle Volunteers pre 1903 pagri badge.

A fine and scarce die stamped white metal British made example on stout pagri pin. Within a crowned oval title strap, the Angel of the Well.

Formed 16th August, 1877. Angel from the Cawnpore Memorial Well which commemorates the appalling massacre of women and children by mutineers in 1857.

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Suffolk Regiment Victorian Officer’s helmet plate circa 1881-1901.

A fine scarce rich gilt example on three loops. Crowned star mounted with laurel sprays and Garter. To the black velvet centre, a silver two tower castle . 'The Suffolk Regiment' solver scroll on the lower part of the spays.

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85th (King’s Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot Victorian Officer's shako plate circa 1869-78.

A fine and scarce die-stamped gilt example on loops (one a replacement). Within crowned laurel sprays, the Garter, the seeded centre pierced with stencilled '85',

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London Rifle Brigade Victorian Officer's shako plate.

A fine die-stamped blackened brass example on two loops. Crowned mounted with silvered oak wreath with crossed sword and sceptre. To the centre, within a strap inscribed “London Rifle Brigade”, the shield from the Royal Arms; below the wreath, a scroll inscribed “Ich Dien” with shield from the City of London Arms below.

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24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot Victorian OR’s glengarry badge circa 1874-81.

A good rare die-stamped brass example. Crowned strap “2nd Warwickshire”; voided centre with Sphinx on “Egypt” plinth resting on “24”. Brass loops North and South. Some service wear.

Became South Wales Borderers on Friday 1st July, 1881. During the period this badge was worn, the 24th fought the Zulus at Battle of Isandhlwana and during the gallant Defence of Rorke’s Drift.

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Royal Middlesex Rifles pre 1883 Officer’s glengarry badge.

A very fine and scarce blackened brass example on loops. Within a crowned strap inscribed “Royal Middlesex Rifles”, separate central strung bugle set on a black velvet ground.

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2nd VB Warwickshire Regiment Victorian OR’s helmet plate circa 1883-1901.

A fine scarce die-stamped white metal example on three loops. Crowned star bearing laurel wreath and applied circlet inscribed “Warwickshire 2nd Volr. Battn.”; Antelope to voided centre.

HQ at Coventry

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Herefordshire Militia, Officer’s helmet plate 1878-1881.

A very fine and scarce example in silver plate on loops. The crowned eight pointed star with laurel overlay, in the centre on a ground of black leather a lion passant guardant, in the dexter paw a sword. The roped edge title circle, “Herefordshire Militia”.

HQ Hereford. In 1881 became 4th Battalion The King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry).
One of three recorded patterns for this regiment during this short period.

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97th (Earl of Ulster’s) Regiment of Foot Victorian Officer’s shako plate circa 1869-78.

Fine rare die-stamped gilt example on loops.

More usual pattern bears a scroll across the base of the wreath “Que Fas et Gloria Ducunt”.

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